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Default Re: Best Core 2 Series Desktops-Results and Specs

P35 vs P965. Auxsends1 P35 results are very good, Doogz had it up and running on a P35 board with Integrated graphics which has traditionally been a big no no with Protools. I was planning on going P965 for compatibility sake but Auxsend1s results now have me leaning towards P35. I'm more worried about the Agere based firewire controller chip on the the board than the P35 chipset.

So far P35 looks very good but keep in mind it is new

I suspect Q6600+P35+1066 will possibly top 275 Dverbs. That is just a guess however.
I also noticed that AGERE firewire controller. It would be nice to hear if it works steady with 002.
Other than that I really like how Asus P35 boards look.
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