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Default Re: Clip effects as a paid add-on

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
IMO, the less paid add-ons there are, the better. I can understand the voice packs thing, because many Ultimate users do not have HDX3 everywhere they go but still may need tons of voices, but please let's not ask Avid to sell us any more Toolkits now that they got rid of them.

HEAT is already included with subscriptions, it is just matter of time it is a standard feature.
Hey Janne,
Why can't it be like HEAT? I do agree with you in a way, though, about paid add-ons. But I think if Avid wants to make it exclusive for business reasons, they should make it available for people who are willing to buy. That's business, isn't it?
But it doesn't make much sense to hold it back anyway, since every DAW on the planet has had it for ages?
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