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Default Re: Best slots for 001 PCI card and RAM chips?

Very interesting. Ok gurus... what should it be? Top slot, bottom slot, or does it not matter at all?

The only reason I had installed mine in the 4th slot is so that I could have easy access to the ADAT ports. On my friend's machine, the card is in the top slot (right under the video card), and it's extremely difficult to plug or unplug ADAT cables from the ADAT ports... if I remember correctly, we need to remove the monitor plug just to have enough room to get fingers in there for the ADAT cables. However, this issue is very trivial compared to the actual functionality of Pro Tools. I'd screw the PCI card to the roof of my house if it meant ending the error problems.

And, I see that no one has responded to the issue of what slots / order of slots etc for RAM chips... so I guess this does not matter. A PC guy told me that it does matter on PCs...??? Or maybe not.

By the way, I've tried just about every combo possible of RAM chips, and I still have a bad Type 123 error problem, so it's not the RAM chips. I currently have just one 256 chip in the top slot... and it ain't any better than when I had the 128, 256 and 512 in there, top to bottom in that order. The Type 123 error is merciless. I still have yet to rebuild my rig from scratch (re-initialize and re-install), i'm just trying to finish a project that is already a few weeks overdue, working day and night. After that, the machine comes apart.

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