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Default Re: Best slots for 001 PCI card and RAM chips?

<< The only issue with the ram could be it's speed. >>

How do you check the speed?

<< Make sure the 001 card is properly seated and is in the first slot (nearest the top) >>

Ok. Why must it be in the first slot near the top? I don't remember reading anything about this in the past. I am curious. My 001 card is currently NOT in the top slot. It may be in the third or fourth slot. I only have one other PCI card in the machine, and that is the video card that came with it. Off hand I don't remember what slot the video card is in, probably the first slot. so you suggest I put the 001 card in the first slot and then perhaps put the video card in the seconds slot? I don't plan on getting any other PCI cards, but I suppose I may need a SCSI card at some point in the future, so I just need to keep that in mind.

<< You may have to consider doing a clean install of OS9.2.1. Please don't install OSX on the same drive. If it's already installed then you need to remove it and format the drive and install 9.2.1 >>

The first thing I did when I got my machine was re-initialize the drive and re-installed OS 9.2.1 and DID NOT install OSX. I have no need for OSX.

<< but an improperly setup clean OS can also cause problems. >>

"clean OS"...?

Thanks -imp
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