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Default Re: Best slots for 001 PCI card and RAM chips?

Hi bassmac,

Ok. So what you're saying is that when I rebuild I should just try using the 256 and 128 stick only? I will add that I just did a test today... I removed all the RAM and then merely inserted the one 512 stick in the top slot leaving out the others... but this did not help the problem. Or maybe I should just try running the 256 stick only? I wonder if there could be a compatibility issue when running two different sticks? I noticed that each stick is made by a different manufacturer... Hyndai, Samsung and Tobisha. It's not like I had a choice when I bought them.

I had previously set my memory allocation to 100Mb of RAM for PTLE and 100Mb for DAE, but I now have it set to 50Mb for PTLE and 60Mb for DAE which is the max recommended by Digi in the book. I will add that I do not run any other big programs on my rig (no Photoshop or anything like that) so I guess I don't really need tons of RAM. But, I do work with a very large amount of regions and do large amounts of editing. I am always working with groups of 8 tracks at a time and doing lots of cutting and pasting, etc... I would guess that this type of activity would use a lot of RAM... ?

Side note... I just ran some more tests tonight... I unchecked more extensions (unchecked everything for my trackball, iTunes, etc)... the problem was still there. I tried running the session on both of my internal hard-drives... no difference. I tried the RAM swap as mentioned above... no dice. I think it's rebuild time. I hope I can fix it.

My friend has an older Mac, a sawtooth 500 or 533, something like that, and he has no problems at all and I run the same sessions over there. If I cannot fix my rig, I guess I will look for a used sawtooth machine and try to sell my new 867. But I really hope it doesn't come to that.

Right now, I am looking for any and all tips on how to configure my machine from scratch in the BEST possible manner. I want to do everything in the absolute ultimate manner possible. I want DigiDesign to hand me an award for configuring my system so perfectly. Ironically, I had this same attitude when I built the system the first time... but somewhere alng the way this Type 123 error thing crept in, so I will try again.

Thanks -imp
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