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Default Re: Need help verifying a hardware spec

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
My 2 cents:
1-i7 instead of i5(you need power)
2-AVOID FUSION DRIVES(get SSD if you can)

Unless you get a big SSD(like 1TB), you'll want a separate recording drive(a good SSD can work for a time, but you don't want to fill your system drive with sessions), so consider adding a fast external drive(this can be tricky as most external drives are not fast). One solution is to buy from a company that specializes in recording drives(like Glyph or AvaStor). Another option is to buy an external case and stuff it with either a fast SSD, or a 7200 rpm spinner(WD Caviar Black are a great choice).

I also recommend a big(like 4TB or bigger) external for backups. I would partition that so that session backups are separate from "system" backups
To add to the above:
Go for the 27 inch as it looks like you're looking at the smaller iMac.
If you go for the 27" do not buy Apple ram but go third party from OWC.
iLoks have been known to have issues with USB3 ports so you might be needing a powered USB hub to go between the computer and iLok.
Lastly and this is a personal preference/thing: get a real mouse with two buttons. I never got along with any Apple mouse. Macs will use any mouse. I like corded rodents.
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