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Default Re: Euphonix MA 703 (clocking) problem

Ah i get it!

Am703 wc out to T-Bar

T-bar out into ma713 & sc264D

But then there shouldnt be a loose end to “terminate”?

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Just connect it like in the diagram. The word clock Outour of the AM713 has a BNC-T connected to it and so do each of the other devices' word clock Inputs. The final device in the chain has the terminator connected to it.

Ypu won't gain anything from using the Sync HD as it is best to run your A/D on internal sync. The internal clock of the AM713 runs at 64x or 128x the sample rate (not sure which but it is in the specs). This is called oversampling. If you connect the Sync HD to the AM713's word clock input the AM713 will slave its clock to 44.1kHz and then multiply that clock accordingly. This is likely to introduce jitter which results in a loss of audio quality.

You can only get so far by daisy chaining your word clock but, if done correctly and in a small setup, you will be fine clocking everything off the AM713.
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