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Default Re: Slow High Sierra boot - solved

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
Resetting the Parameter RAM is the first thing I do with any new Mac OS install. It even speeds up a fresh virgin install of Mac OS X.

Im surprised youd never come across that before. Its quite a well documented fix for a lot of things.

Now run Diskwarrior on the drive and shave another second or two off. :)

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Never had this kind of problem before. And the only time I ever had to zap the pram/nvram was years ago on my now dead iMac system.

And Diskwarrior won't work when rebuilding internal ssd's in OSX 10.13.6 which is what I'm running. This from their homepage. Besides shaving off another second or so isn't something I really need to do as I'm happy with the speed it boots at now.
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