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Default Re: Does anyone here use the "Dyanamo" Native Instruments from the 001 Factory Bundle??

Hi Josh-
It's been awhile but I managed to get some sound out of the Dynamo... Have you gone through the Dynamo menu and configured the outputs? Start there and get some basic sound coming out before you get the midi controller working. There are some demos you can play to help get started.

The setup that seems to work best with the current version of PT is to install a second sound card, and assign Dynamo to that card. Install a software MIDI driver from HUBI, that will allow you to connect PT to Dynamo midi-wise.

Then run a physical connection (cord) from the Dynamo soundcard out, to the PT 001 input of your choice.

A search here for HUBI and DYNAMO will bring up previous threads that explain more, but that's the basic setup. Also, run a search in Pro Tools Host Tips and Techniques...
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