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Default Does anyone here use the "Dyanamo" Native Instruments from the 001 Factory Bundle??

hey there,
i'm a recent digi001 factory buyer, and i've finally gotten around to breaking into the dynamo001 package from native instruments that came with it........and i can't figure it out at all.

i know i saw some blurb that the direct connect utility doesn't work with the windows 001, but that there's some way around it for windows.

i can't even get a sound out of it though, i tried plugging my midi into it, and when selecting the digi001 midi ports from the selection window, it said they were unavailable and being used by another program.

and i know the manual's in english, but i still can't really understand what i'm supposed to do with this software!!!

i'm sure it has great utilities that i would love to utilize, but does anyone have a good way to get me started with this stuff?

your help is GREATLY appreciated. thanks.
Josh Wheeler
**Detroit Rock City**
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