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Default Re: Native Instruments Komplete Sale

Originally Posted by noiseboyuk View Post
There was an Apple-style leak from NI itself a while ago based on the NativeAccess.xml, where all the instruments in K12 and K12U were listed. Here's what will be new in 12 Ultimate:

New to 12 and currently unreleased


Kontakt 6


FWIW, I'm guessing September, but with a voucher for Kontakt 6 which I don't think will be ready in time (it's still not in Beta). I don't think they'll want to wait longer than the 2 year gap, which is the longest its ever been - cashflow etc.
K6 - finally.

The latest version of K5 requires El Crapitan or later which leaves those of us staying at Yosemite or earlier out of luck. No reason to believe that K6 won't require that or higher.
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