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Default Re: Native Instruments Komplete Sale

Originally Posted by Benoni View Post
Maybe... it will be 2 years in Sept. that's about the right amount of time. BUT, they better have Kontakt 6 and Guitar Rig 6 before they release a new version of Komplete. And they better have some new libraries for us Ultimate users to justify the upgrade cost. Of course I'll probably wait for the summer half price sale for 12 before I upgrade from 11U. I've had this for about 2 years and still haven't been through everything
There was an Apple-style leak from NI itself a while ago based on the NativeAccess.xml, where all the instruments in K12 and K12U were listed. Here's what will be new in 12 Ultimate:

New to 12 and currently unreleased

Middle East
Kontakt 6
Massive X + Library


New to 12 Ultimate but already released as standalones

Strummed Acoustic 2
Kinetic Toys
Symphony Essentials Percussion

Elastic Thump
Molten Veil
Queensbridge Story
Marble Rims
Halcyon Sky
True School
Platinum Bounce
Drop Squad Bundle
Lucid Mission
Caribbean Current
Neon Drive
Astral Flutter
Golden Kingdom
Velvet Lounge
Cavern Floor
Lazer Dice
London Grit
Byte Riot
Decoded Forms
Deep Matter


Of course this isn't definitive and anything could change / be added to, but it seems extremely plausible given that this list predated the existence of TRK-01 by a month or so.

FWIW, I'm guessing September, but with a voucher for Kontakt 6 which I don't think will be ready in time (it's still not in Beta). I don't think they'll want to wait longer than the 2 year gap, which is the longest its ever been - cashflow etc.
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