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Default Re: HEAT (Harmonically enhanced Algorithm Technology)


I hope somebody can help me.

I got a PT9HD system on an older Intel Mac Pro from around 2008.
Now I just baught HEAT, activated it, so now it shows up registered on my Avid account and I also transferred it already to my iLok (newer version).

Nevertheless everything looks fine so far, when launching Pro Tools I get a message that I need to renew my HEAT activation (there is an old trial version on my iLok account I might have had installed but never used, hmm) bacause the trial period expired! (?) I double-checked my ilok account and yes there is an expired trial version of HEAT AND the regular HEAT activation on the iLok. I looked for a way to delete that trial version entry but there seems to be no way. But that shouldnt be a problem anyway.

I download HEAT from my Avid account, installed it and thought that should work (version 10.2 I think). But no, seems to only work with PT10 I guess. I deleted it from the plug-ins folder and installed an older version that came with the Pro Tools 9.0.5 full installer (I have 9.0.6 installed but there's only a 9.0.5 full installer available to download) , same same.

What am I missing here? Or getting wrong? How do I activate HEAT properly on my PTHD9.06 system? I mean I can install it and I have a valid activation on my ilok. But I still get the pop-up window when launching PT?!? Why doesnt PT see I got it activated? Please, anyone, any idea?
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