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Default Re: PT8 constant -6101 cpu issue, Let's do something

Hi vanquished1

I don't have the Mp Toolkit, and I'm on I mac. On Mac Pro or Mac Book you have the possibility to add an option card to avoid FW bus congestion but not on the I mac.

First I got a Glyph HD without RAID, then I invert the Daisy chain setup and put the Pro Fire before the HD, it works better but far away to be perfect I still have errors pop ups some times and strangly when It's start to appear the error frequency increase. The Hard Disk unmount by itself sometimes as I said in another post.

Well I won't use pro tools MP anymore except for create sessions to bring in the studio and for simple audio edits. I'm fed up with all these bugs, no support, nobody cares about Imac users. I'm working with Live for music production and it's far away better than Pro Tools, playback never stop.
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