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Default HD6 vs HDX2 "ITB" Listening Challenge

Hey Guys,

As promised, we are posting a pair of mixes for you to download, listen to and then respond with what you've heard. It won't be live until Thursday night (due to the storm and also because I needed to create the thread here to link to on the pages for "Join the discussion"). So let's make this DUC thread be the main one to link back too.

It's a great song from the band The Lostprophets and mixed by producer/engineer Ken Andrews all 'in-the-box'. We thank them both for their time and generosity. Ken really put some hours into this, inspired from our Shipley experiment at The Firehouse we did back in May which he attended. He discussed trying a version of the test without the converters being in play and I thought it was a great idea. Ken has also graciously accepted our request to participate here in the forums and answer your questions.

I hope you'll enjoy this listening challenge, they usually are a good point for all of us to engage in a quality dialogue... Please fill out the survey after you've listened to the files, that way we can aggregate everyone's feedback with statistics. Check back on Thursday!

Best and Thanks,
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