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Default Re: Avid Artist Mix Series Suddenly is NOT working in Pro tools 11.3.1!

Originally Posted by mesaone View Post
The Eucon 3.2 requirement is the very first thing listed in the PT 11.3.1 readme.

Yes I know as you can see I posted here I have installed 3.2.1, there very latest driver. I don't know whats going on I reinstalled it twice now its working. So frustrating. Sorry for tripping...

I will say now if I ever knew Avid was gonna pay this game where they wont license out mix series to other daw companies like Harrison Mixbus I would have NEVER bought this! I just hope Harrison puts out a fader station that will allow me to punch in my tracks and I will sell this avid mix series.

And for anyone out there Harrison Mixbus SOUNDS AMAZING compared to pro tools, and logic, and cubase etc... imho... hear it for yourself you can thank me later...
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