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Default Avid Artist Mix Series Suddenly is NOT working in Pro tools 11.3.1!


Whats going on here now? Anyone?

Out of no where my Avid Artist Mix Series is NOT working in pro tools 11.3.1.

I reinstalled the driver EuControl_3.2.1_Win

Now I go to enable it in my session I keep getting .
The EUCON personality could not be loaded because I have the wrong version installed I need PLEASE INSTALL EUCON 3.2 of HIGHER. WTF Avid? Im so tired of Avids junk.

Not too mention Pro tools 11.3.1 still gives me issues on do I want to enable video engine now.

I just discovered how AMAZING "Harrison Mixbus" SOUNDS. It BLOWS Pro tolls 11 and all other DAWS off the map! Soon as they get it where one can record with midi and they go 64 bit and will use multicore and I hear there new update soon to be released will address all this. Bye bye Pro tools and Im selling this crap mix series too! Soon as Harrison also releases there mix station!
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