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Default CSCooper MCS Series vs EU Artist Series?

hello all,

I guess we are waiting on the W7 version of EU controllers? With PT9 it must be in high gear. Any news?

Who has used the CS Cooper MCS series with Pro Tools 8? How is it?

Opinions on the MCS vs the EU Artist controllers?

I am building a custom hybrid desk, (i.e., actually a conversion of a stripped down Tascam M5000 to 16 channels) with mod's center master section which will include a controller such as a CS Cooper MCS-3800 or the EU Artist. I have set aside 20.750 inches for a controller, PT keyboard and trackball.

Speaking of PT keyboards, what about the Keyboard Logic model for PT's? Trackballs? I like the Kenningson (sp?) Ultimate Trackball. Suggestions?

Who has used the Presonus Central Station w/ Remote? I will need something like that. suggestions?


Statesboro, USA
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