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Default Dragging from Workspace kills Hotkeys

Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before at all...
When I drag some files from Workspace (all my samples are at least 16/48 .wav files) all of my hotkeys stop working.
If I try to manually click on the 'a' icon (to make it turn yellow and indicate Hotkeys are ON) nothing happens.
I have to close and re-open the session all the darn time and it's a little taxing on the tracklay sessions.
I have used Soundminer and Audiofinder and all that but I have worked out a system for my own library files and Workspace is more economical for me and works just as well (for MY usage)...this hangup is killing me though.
Anyone else have the same issue?
I have HDNative 10.2 on Snow Leopard.
This was also happening in ProTools LE 8 on the same operating system.
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