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Default Win 10 won't switch between PC & MBox 3 clock.

I use PT 3 on Win 10 and use my MBox as both my recording interface and my general PC soundcard. I have just upgraded my MBox 2 to an MBox 3 and with the MB 2 when I switched on Pro Tools the audio worked fine and then when I switched off Pro Tools the pc recognised the change and altered the clock back so I could play music on media player or play You Tube videos etc with no problems. It won't do this with the MBox 3, once I've used PT and closed it down the pc won't switch back to internal clock and allow me to play pc audio through the MBox.

Ok, I've figured out I can change it in the MBox 3 control panel from 48000 to 41000. So I can either leave it on 41 or switch to 48 when I use PT.

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