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Default 5.1 directory issues

I moved to 5.1 and something strange happened. I wonder if anyone has any ideas.

Yesterday I backed up my show to another drive, the old drag and copy in the finder method. This is the back
up method that I use. This morning when I went to open my session, the dreaded "where is...?" came up! It
turns out that any files residing in my "Audio Files" folder and my "Fade Files" folder, newer than May 29th,
didn't exist anymore. They have been deleted! My back up was the same. I know I didn't over write them
mistakenly, since I have the PT5.1 sessions still intact, which were created yesterday. I tried Disk Warrior but to no
avail. Does anyone have any ideas? Also, has anyone run into weird directory issues with 5.1? At this point, it
looks like I've lost a day of work so any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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