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Default Re: Attention/Selected Track not working on dock

Originally Posted by feakerboo View Post
After I have unspilled, The dock will only allow me to attention VCA faders, I can no longer attention Audio tracks.
Actually more info, the way I have always been able to work in the past is this: rather than unspill, I select my master layout using the "A" softkey on the left of the S3 which puts the spill back away. Now it seems you have to manually unspill using the select key on the Dock or you are locked to attentioning only VCA keys.

The way this is designed leads to a bunch of confusion because now if I'm drilling down in a spill and select a member track, that track is on the ipad and the knobs on the dock control the ipad app but the mute, solo, and fader on the dock control the VCA.

It seams like it would just make more sense to let me to attention whatever I want so that it's less confusing.
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