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Default Win7 + HD 8.0.1

Hello all,

I installed Windows 7 Professional 64-bit last night pretty much default. I installed ProTools HD 8.0 then upgraded to 8.0.1 using the newly released updater. The system is custom built by myself and is not a Digidesign-approved Dell or HP. I did the research and built a proper system (I've been building machines for years). I haven't installed any additional plugins yet - just using the stock set that gets installed.

I fired up HD on a session that had about 45 audio tracks in it. I hit play and for four and half minutes heard the track playback come through clean and without a single glitch. No pops or clicks, no 6031 errors. The GUI seemed very responsive, the level leds on the mixer channels seemed very real-time and snappy. The whole platform was totally rock solid. After about half and hour without a single glitch I had to turn in for the night. I will do a full mix on a client's track using Delay Compensation and third party approved plugins and post my findings.

One problem that MEAT brought up that is still in play is the CPU meters report different loads. My Protools CPU meter said 3%, but my Windows Performance meter bounced around between 18% and 31%. So I would volunteer that the video "blitting" issues are not fully resolved at this point.

I ran the tool DTS/Paul suggested for measuring real-time performance and it reports my system is qualified to run real-time types of applications, but I knew that already :)

Other than the CPU issues....all I can say at this point is WOW. What a great platform. I'd like to use the full CPU obviously so please Digi fix that. But I've used Macs and the feel of Windows 7 is superb. Great OS and ProTools HD so far seems to work very well on it. Very excited to finish the current record we're working on with this platform.

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