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Default Would anyone like to trade sample libraries Or what libraries are good

Lately I've been approaching music making differently. I've sampled most of my favorite keyboard patches in ssc (with the ffx turned off). When I do this I notice most of the tones sound the same from module to module. As I record I process with plugins and outboard ffx to get my own sounds instead of static off the shelf sounds. I've even sampled (with great results) my fender rhodes and other "real" instruments by recording to ptools each tone and different velocities, Separating with strip silence and labeling. Then exporting as wave files to SSC

During this process It came to me that everyone who records to Protools has a built in sample library! Everytime we Mic a kick through a quality mic/pre/converter. It yields a quality kick sample! So I vote we start using those sounds as more than just a Sound Replacer Library.

Who would like to trade sounds with me??
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