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Default Re: S6 first thoughts

personally I like the Icons better.
To me this comes across as a step down visually.
The pricing of the touch displays are WAY out of touch with what we as consumers know things like that cost.
Tens of thousands for a few large Ipads that over the long haul look like they could damage or be broken ( accidents happen)
I don't doubt that it is a step forward in functionality but to me considering it is basically the new icon it doesn't give me the HOLLY COW ITS FRIGGIN THE BEST THING EVER feeling. (even if it is)

Pro control , Control 24 , C/24 and the Icon all look like actual audio consoles. To me this does not, Maybe this is a good thing to some, it does seem more compact just like the new SSL Duality does. Yet to me it looks like more of a DAW controller and has lost some of the OLD SCHOOL ascetic mojo of a actual console. But since this is not a old school console and most people have never used a holy grail mega console thats probably for the best , I say thats my opinion and many will disagree.
I must admit my feelings on the Control 24 issue might have taken some glimmer off this product for me.

BUT IT IS SUPER COOL and if it was affordable Id want one to
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