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Default S6 first thoughts

Don't hit me I've just looked at videos and the avid web page. I'm not at IBC this year.
I think I like some of what I see with the S6, but not all, at least not yet.

So comparing it to our old S5MC:

# Black buttons with white text and built in LEDs is not as "nice" and easy to see in the dark as fully illuminated buttons (like on the 408T), at least not a first glance.
# Display panels show great stuff but does not yet seem capable of showing EQ or dynamics curves. Yes scrolling clips and nice looking meters are good, but probably not as nice as to be able to see at a glance how the EQ is set.
# Hardware wise (looking at videos) it looks more like Artist units that have been heavily upgraded rather than the sturdy hi quality of the old S5 series.
# Of course I have to mention the price... It seems to be a little less than what we bought our S5MC system for. But it still seems to be lacking a few things. Although I wouldn't mind replacing the old MC unit, it feels a bit old today.
# Touch panel seems to be pretty wobbly, I hope there's some real support for it when mounted in a proper frame.

The good stuff:
# It looks like its quite fast and responsive. I haven't seen any laggy video yet when scrolling tracks etc. definitely seems to update the surface faster than the S5MC does when banking or selecting other channels.
# modularity is a great concept. I wouldn't have minded some extra flexibility on how to "get on the S6 train". Just buy eight faders, later add a display unit, then add a master unit. Add some knobs etc. That would be true modularity.

I'm sure there's a lot more good stuff in it, it's just that I'm limited to these first videos so far so I'm sure ill find more good stuff eventually.

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