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Default Re: Updating Protools

Originally Posted by Craigs View Post
Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it! I have not followed developments with Avid, so very new to this.

I will try to find out information to your questions and respond.

In regards to the support/ upgrade plan, you mentioned changes on Avid's part- 'reinstatement to a permanent license goes away as of the end of this year'.

What does this mean? Are all permanent licenses (my permanent education license) not honored and they want users to move to yearly subscriptions at cost, Or do I need to 'reinstate' (what do you mean by reinstate) my perpetual education license?

Also, if I do reinstate to a yearly subscription license am I moving out of 12.1.0 to newer versions, and then will I have to upgrade OS X, computer and other software?

Thank you for your help, appreciate it.
You completely misunderstood what I wrote about the reinstatement. The ability to get a reinstatement to a permanent license if you're not on a current plan goes away at the end of this year. Nothing happens to any permanent license one owns. Not sure about educational licenses though.

You'll have to update to a newer version of OSX with newer versions of PT. Your best bet on that would be to grab a copy of the installer (not updater) for OSX 10.13.6. I don't know if the video card in your iMac supports Metal which is what's needed for Mojave and beyond. You shouldn't have to upgrade your computer itself BUT - I'd change out the system drive in their for an SSD. The internal spinner in those iMacs generates a lot of heat and has been known to cause failures of the video card - I know because that's what killed my iMac. OWC has the tools and parts to do the job.

Which specific iMac do you have? My now dead iMac is a mid 2011 27 inch as shown in my profile.
See profile for system details
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