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Default Re: How do I free up voice count in HDX

Originally Posted by Neil Pickles View Post
HEAT in HDX as on HD only applies to audio channels, it uses no additional voices if a native plug in is inserted if it (HEAT) is in its default status of Post processing. If you switch it to pre insert processing it uses one voice per mono track 2 per stereo etc.

On Audio channels if you are using Native PIs always use them as first, second, third etc in sequence and they will use NO additional voices. The worst thing you can do is AAX DSP, then Native, then AAX DSP, then Native then DSP etc as each time you will use one more voice per mono track.

On Aux, Masters, Inst it will use 2 voices on a stereo track always, but again if you add Native sequentially it will not use more voices after that initial hit. Once more avoid DSP, Native, DSP, Native sequences as it will use 2 more each time you do that.

If you know this info then there is no need to unnecessarily eat up of your voice resources.

HDX is way better for mixing Native and DSP than HD is which used twice the resources described above and also had less voices 192 on a HD2 or better in the first place.

I'm loving the integration personally but that's just as well as we need more DSP PIs, however, its a lot better now than it was when I got in on the bleeding edge and a new AAZ DSP PI does seem to be released every few weeks.

Right I'm off to master an LP mixing Native, AAX DSP and hardware (which Pro Tools is exceptionally well suited to) and maybe download that free AAX DSP Metric Halo PI !

More Amp sims and an AAX DSP delay HELLO Soundtoys are you listening!!!! Would be nice though

Thanks Neil.
Coming from my previous all HD/TDM system I never had to consider or map out plug order.

My voice count issues in HDX are mainly fueled by the lack of Waves DSP plugs, and some high SR sessions.

thanks again!

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