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Default Re: Pro Tools 12 not reading ilok license correctly

Originally Posted by Inglesworth View Post
Additionally, I should be able to log in to the avid store account, and not be allowed to download installers for versions beyond the one that will work with my license.
You can reach installers beyond when your plan ran out? In your My Products and Subscriptions? You shouldn't be able to -- the installers there should stop when you get to when your upgrade plan ran out. If you have later installers there, do you have another key with that license?

When did you stop paying for the support plan -- if you stopped (and with warning before) you would have received notifications to renew or you'll receive no more updates. There's no legal issues with Avid's plan because when 12 happened, you (and all of us) agreed to the terms to buy that license (perpetual or subscription) under a plan system that expires when you stop renewing. Perpetual meaning your "stop date" license freezes you there; subscription meaning you lose all access.

But if you have 12.7 installers, when was your stop date? It's possible you are allowed that and just didn't get the revised license. That 12.6 transition was harsh (I had to put in a message to support when it did not show up) with Avid's licensing system seemingly breaking down.
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