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Default Re: ProTool Express/MBox 3 & OS Sierra A No Go!

Hi...I have the USB Mbox 3, on Mac OS Sierra 10.12.1
It works if I restart / clean boot but, if I'm already booted and I plug the USB cable in on the fly, it doesn't work.

The Mbox shows up in System Profiler even when it doesn't work, so it's not a USB \ hardware issue -- it's a driver issue.

Nicks-MBP:~ nick$ kextstat | grep -i avid
76 0 0xffffff7f80e36000 0x1d000 0x1d000 com.avid.usb.mbox.driver (1.4.8) DD9FAB2A-B82A-3FCE-8C59-8A1BEF2C8C04 <75 44 5 4 3>

There's a whole bunch of nonsense in the system log..

default 13:03:59.582708 -0500 icdd #ICDebug - 484:{ICDDMessageCenter.m} (Mbox was added)
default 13:03:59.588238 -0500 icdd #ICDebug - 467:{ICDDMessageCenter.m} (BrowseID (0x1023) was generated for: Mbox)
default 13:03:59.588290 -0500 icdd #ICDebug - 301:{ICResourceManager.m} (00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000DBA5000|Mbox|(null)|SW=FALSE|)
default 13:03:59.588305 -0500 icdd #ICDebug - 502:{ICDDMessageCenter.m} (Mbox will query software update)
default 13:03:59.617496 -0500 icdd #ICDebug - 511:{ICDDMessageCenter.m} (Mbox is unavailable)

No idea what's going on, but I am getting tired of having to reboot every time I want to hot plug this thing.

Can someone help?
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