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Hi ShiftStudios,

Thanks for sharing - that does sound like an awesome device. And at <1/3 the price of HD_IO, it sounds like the better performer (though its hard to tell because, unlike Motu, Avid apparently doesn't provide any real specs for the HD_IO).

How does it work on your PC?

Are you using Logic Pro for recording and mixing, or just recording?


Originally Posted by ShiftStudios View Post
Hi Amack,

Not the most accurate method, but I use the Logic Pro X audio interface settings panel. Probably not 100% accurate. But I have always used that for my round trip reading for all my interfaces because at least it's consistent. :)

If I record x tracks without pops and crackling, I consider it a pass, and I then use the setting readouts. Whether or not it's 100% accurate does not change the fact that this interface, through AVB, is measurably better than firewire interfaces.

I'd be happy to use whatever methods you guys use to provide some useful measurements. I'm extremely excited these AVB interfaces and their possibilities. The fact alone that I can get 128 channels in and 128 channels out simultaneously with AVB or thunderbolt, is amazing!

Just wanted to share my experiences. Happy to do some examples for people. :)
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