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Default Re: Eleven Rack Editor - Info

Originally Posted by Benoni View Post
If it's working don't worry about it. I've had that error before but don't remember what caused it... Do you have Quicktime installed? Is the iLok License Manager installed? I think not having those could cause that but don't remember because it's been a long time.

If you want to look further into the C++ error if the above doesn't fix it you could try this
Sorry for the delay...ive been too busy downloading your AWESOME rigs!!!

The editor is working fine it seems....I do have the ilok manager icon on the desktop but haven't had to use it...also I have quicktime from my apple software....I tunes....the ilok manager appeared after the first failed attempt so maybe that did I said im downloading and using the editor....should I even bother with the Microsoft link?
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