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Default Re: Best Systems and Components for Win HD/TDM

You will have to modify the Heatsink.....
I have gone for the Jetaway Q77, hopefully building an HD4... slowly building it and waiting for a few of the components to come down in price...

Ivy Bridge 6 core for example oh and SSD`s.
With 1 HD card and 3 Accel ,32 gig of ram, six 10,000 rpm SCSI drives rewire/ reaper and the other native 64 bit applications, there will be very little I cannot achieve.

This has been my last investment into Digidesign/Avid , I refuse to outlay multi thousands of dollars to replace what I already have. 64 bit or not.
I have been with Digi since sound tools, through newbus, sample cell, mixplus systems and finally HD.
Here is my take on the future.
I am a sole trader who has also been a full time employee in the Broadcast Television arena. All my equipment has payed for itself through post work , sparse feature work but mostly from royalties from synchronisation rights frrom music I have composed.
The reality is the music industry In Australia has just about run it`s course.
Broadcasters don`t have the budget to outsource music and they "borrow" and apologise later.
The internet has changed the playing field and offshore investment in our media companies as well as bed sharing with Sony BMG and their incidental music division has shrunk the income pool even further.
The exponential growth of computers in my opinion (as far as audio goes) means that by the time this computer has run it`s course with Pro Tools 10.x (5 years?) The HDX hardware will be absolutely irrelevant.
For my purposes I thank Digidesign for all their wonderful creativity, but I feel with company`s like Ableton, Celemony and the folks at Reaper as well as Native instruments ....I`m afraid dear Avid .... the bell is tolling
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