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Default Re: PT12 Play Start/Stop Lag

My two cents here, not totally relevant to the present case, but maybe it can explain discrepancies between responsiveness PT10 vs PT12.

In PT10, Waves plugins were available as TDM (before waves 9.6 I believe), this would make the total system delay more reasonable if you used them as such. When converting to waves native (after upgrading to PT11 or PT12...), if not properly managed, those plugins can create enormous system delay (just like the 16000 samples shown in the OP's session setup), and although ADC still works as advertised, lag is very noticeable when writing automation or starting playback.

Options are :
- managing native plugins to make sure you don't make too much back and forth between native and HDX on the same strip
- reducing h/w buffer size to reduce total system delay (as long as your cpu can take it without 9173s...)

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