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Default Re: Your favorite reverbs for Mix systems.

I don't mean this flippantly, but as a real answer to your question.

I just finished building a PC to run four simultaneous stereo instances of Altiverb. Including the hardware, OS, software and Altiverb itself (no cracks), the cost was around $1,400.

That may seem high, but compared to even a single PCM91 its not unreasonable at all.

A cheaper computer could do for fewer instances too.

This was my answer to upgrading to OSX, and PTHD - to build PCs to do softsyths and effects. Its working out really well.
Sounds interesting.. How do you do this? I'm unfamiliar with this kind of setup. How do you connect it to the "main" system? How does it interface? Seems like a great idea. Does this need to be done with a PC, or can it be Mac as well? Any info would be great. Thanks!
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