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Default Re: Avid "Action required" Email ?

Originally Posted by priorytools View Post
I received an email claiming to be from Avid stating that their ecommerce partners are changing . .
I am asked to clic a link, in fact 2 links .
Is this email genuine ?

Some of you have started receiving emails about a change coming at Avid with our e-commerce payment processing partner. These are not spam or fraudulent emails and for certain regions of the world, there is a required action to opt-in.

Some quick detail: on or just after July 11, 2019, Avid will be changing our Merchant of Record partner for e-commerce transactions from Arvato to Digital River. The consent in the email you may receive is for Arvato to transfer your fully encrypted subscription information to Digital River, including credit card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and subscription ID.

The most important part - in order to ensure a seamless transfer of services and continued use of your software subscription, For EMEA and APAC customers, we kindly ask you to give us your consent by choosing to opt-in when you receive this email.
For US customers, no action necessary if you wish to Opt-in. Thank you.
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