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Default Re: Upgrade from PT 8

Uh Chris no I gave correct info.

“Upgrade options”: there are no upgrade options from what he has... PT8HD does not qualify for any Avid upgrade.

“buy used license options”: You can purchase a used license for PT9 HD... but why bother... go pick up a used license for PT 10HD. Who cares if that has a 9HD bundle or not. If on TDM I would focus on getting on 10HD.

The PT8HD license is effectively worthless and does not help here... which I think is the root of his question. But just buying a used HD 10 license is not too expensive.

And you can find a used HD9 license, transfer that license, and then upgrade to the latest bundled license through Avid, likely not worth the hassle, including ongoing annual charges.

If this is a one man shop, there is already a 10 HD license in the combo license for the HDX system if it has a perpetual license...and that could just be used on the PT 10HD system, just with the inconvenience of swapping iLoks.
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