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Default Re: Which Drum Vi has better sounds?

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
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What type of sounds? Processed drum hits ? Clean natural unprocessed sounds?

I have BFD2 and it's a very natural clean drum sound - what about the other two? How do they compare ?
This can take us down a rabbit hole rather quickly.

The biggest consideration you cannot forget is 3rd party expansion packs and optional expansion packs.

You mention BFD. The 3rd party packs I like are from Platinum Samples. The packs are from different engineers. Joe Barressi (my fav), Andy Johns (R.I.P.), and Jim Scott. These 3 sound completely different as they are the favorite kits and pieces of 3 different engineers, all with 20-30 yrs experience or more, all doing it their way. They all have a bit of processing as well and sound quite a bit different than the "stock" BFD samples.

There are other packs for BFD, including 1 of Neil Perts kit, Deluxe that is engineered by Steve Albini, Zildjian sets, various packs from Modern Drummer, and many others from Fxpansion themselves.

Slate's stuff is VERY heavily processed. A bit to much for my taste though they rock for supplements to other drum sounds whether real or other sample banks. I have been using them since his original V1 sample bank as supplements.

He also has an expansion by Chris Lord Alge who is a master in his own right!!!

My biggest issue with them is that what you hear is what you get. There is no molding or shaping them to make them fit to what you want like you can do with any of the BFD offerings. Though sometimes that is nice for moving really fast.

Doing a death metal album now where i am combining the Mike Bordin snare from a BFD expansion with the Def Tone snare from Slate and on the kick combing a Pork Pie from Barressi's set with the Mike Portnoy kick from Slates. Cymbals from Barressi and Zildjian set, and the toms from Barressi's set. In other words, why settle for 1 drum sampler!!!

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