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Default Re: Which Drum Vi has better sounds?

Originally Posted by YYR123 View Post
Wow nice - I have never done that either - but what about the session data allocation? (Where the original session is saved)
since you are NOT importing audio (or midi) in this case, just the tracks, routing, panning, and plugins, your old session allocation is irrelevant. Your new audio and midi will be saved with your current session.

File>Import>Session Data
alt+shft+i on windows.

navigate to the session file you want to import tracks from.

click on the track names you want to import and make sure they are set as "New Track"

Typically uncheck tempo/meter map, key signature etc.
In the bottom right (dont have it in front of me) is a selection box to click on and will open up. uncheck media and playlists (this is any audio or midi on the track including anything in playlists), automation (if you have any written on this track) and any other parameters you may not want.

click "OK" and done.

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