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Default Re: 11-rack + egnater tweaker = awesome!

Originally Posted by bredo View Post
I was also positively surprised when hooking up the 11R through my Carvin Legacy poweramp section (FX return).
Blending the Plexi normal ch. level (at about half, maybe a little less), the Hi-Gain ch. at about 3/4 with how high/hard I push the Legacy head to taste (with the output to amp level) made me forget to look for a good Plexi amp (been looking for years).
This works equally good for other other amp models as well.

I really love how the 11R sounds direct in, but it's so fun to use it as a preamp to push a real tube amp through a real 4x12 cab (Celestion Vintage 30 is my first choice).
Then through my secret mic (Oktava Ribbon) blended with a SM57 and/or a Sennheiser e609.
My mic preamp of choice is either my Universal Audio LA610 Signature Edition, UAD 8110 or TLAudio P1 (great Lowpass filter options for fizzy guitars).
Again......more great info.......

I love to hear about how "You People" (11-Rack People that is) use your Eleven Racks......All of the different applications that this product can be used in are truley amazing to me...........

Bredo....You got any clips or videos of Legacy-Rack in action? That would \m/!
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