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Default Re: Reason 11 is Coming

Originally Posted by Franklyn View Post
I reported the bug at propellerheads and at Blue Cat Audio support.
BCA answered me that they are in touch with the Reason support team to find out what the problem is.
... nothing heard from Propellerheads by now :)
Thanks for reporting this to the parties involved. Blue Cat people are good people and they've helped me in the past. Recommended. Not so recommended are the Propheads - they get back to you when they feel like and don't really care about their end users. Have you also mentioned the latency bug? Turns out to a fellow over at GS he found out there's a 64 sample latency in the Reason Rack that's not getting reported to Patchwork and hence on to one's daw.

And we still don't know if the Propheads are going to do an aax version. Hell they don't even have an au version though supposedly it's being worked on.
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