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Default Re: Midi input suddenly not working after random amount of time

So I've actually found a workaround. The issue only seems to come up when I have iConnectivity's iConfig software open and running. When this control software is not open, I don't have any midi problems at all.
And what is very interesting: If I try to open iConfig while Pro Tools has been running for a while, I receive an error message that midi ports could not be opened or something like that and the software closes. So seemingly there's some type of conflict between iConfig and Pro Tools. Not sure if this is a Pro Tools or an iConnectivity issue, but it is strange that this does not happen with other DAWs.
I'll definitely be getting in contact with iConnectivity to see if they can help or know anything about this.

I don't know if you also have one of their interfaces and this helps you. If not, try and see if there is maybe any other software running on your computer that may be "blocking" your midi-ports.
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