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Default Re: rackmount case / power supply recommendations?

If your main reasons for rack mounting a PC are space and looks, you may want to think about a few things. I built a rack mounted PC about 4 years ago, and am much happier with my recently built tower for several reasons.
1) The rack mount case was significantly heavier and larger than the tower. Making it more difficult to make changes inside the box. Remember, the top comes off and if anything is mounted directly above it, one or the other has to move in order to get in. Also, odds are the case will be much deeper than your existing rack mount gear.
2) The interior was spacious in the wrong places. Not enough space for drives, too much for PCI slots. Plus, the distance from the drives to the motherboard made cable length a stretch.
3) Noise. It was loud. And I'm sure that could have been improved, but the design of most towers allow the heat to rise to the top where the fan pushes it out of the case. The rack doesn't vent quite as efficiently. So you either run hotter or use more fans. Hotter is not good if it is racked up with a bunch of other hot gear.

I recently built a Quad with an Antec case and Earthwatts power supply and am much happier now.
Of course your mileage may vary.
Jason Shablik
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