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Default Re: ISA220 w/card vs. Avalon 737

I use the ISA110 here a lot and used the 737sp many times.

Bottom line - the 737sp is GREAT for vocals and the studio that I've used it is now being rent to the biggest hip hop label here.

That studio got SSL 4000G+ and I once tried comparing the 737sp with the SSL pres on a r&b "POP" singer. she sounded great on the SSL but than I compared the sound from the 737 and BOOM... it's PHAT and WARM.

The ISA design is "tube-less" and gives a clean character like any transformers design. but for vocals usually I would prefer the Avalon big time it's a single unit that has it all for vocal straight to the recorder.

I havn't checked any AD cards and usually checked it with going to the 002R or 888|24 and later 192I/O.

If you go on the ISA for vocals you should find a "colorful" compressor.
I've seen a succesful use of it with TubeTech (Denmark ? ) compressor that gave it great warmness that the ISA don't give by it self.

The Focusrite ISAs are very "Accurate" and less colorful but that's their greatness.
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