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Default Re: Pro Tools is very Good BUT

I LOVE Pro Tools software, but I agree that the subscription model just isn't the right direction for Avid. They don't update enough and their reinstatement plan is the dumbest of all dumb ideas.

I constantly see the following:
1. An "amateur" getting into recording purchases Pro Tools.
2. The software expires a year later.
3. They install the latest operating system and realize Pro Tools no longer runs.
4. They realize the penalty they face for letting their subscription lapse. They are upset.
5. They compare their reinstatement cost $299 with the cost of Logic $199 that has no subscription.
6. They purchase Logic.

Pro Tools loses so much of the future generation to Logic and other sequencers with the stupid reinstatement plan. How about just make the software so great that everyone wants to be current on their upgrade plans? Listen to what your users are asking for so that they want to stay upgraded.
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