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Default Playlist soloing still lacking

Whenever I revisit an old issue, I forget that duc has separate subforums for each version, so bumping is useless. Anyway:

1) It'd be efficient if moving the edit cursor up and down playlists automatically solo'd them in turn. In lieu of that...

2) There's an annoying, inexplicable discrepancy between mouse and keyboard behavior when soloing playlists. When a track is solo'd, clicking on a playlist's solo button maintains the track's solo status. But shift-S (and I assume most users prefer shortcuts over mousing around) with the edit cursor on a playlist lane disables the track's solo. Shift-S in a playlist lane, or perhaps a secondary shortcut like ctrl-shift-S, should maintain the track's solo status.

A couple other grievances

3) I'm disappointed that there's no shortcut for cycling thru playlists. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) You have to make a selection first, and then cycle. That's cool and useful, but it'd be nice to skip the selection part in some cases.

4) The "-" shortcut collapses playlists, but it'd be nice to have a shortcut to enter playlist view.
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