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Default Vocal Process Chains and Buses

I am getting very very confused as to all the things that I need, and am QUITE AFRAID of over-mixing my vocals. I am currently struggling with the sliders on buses, because without any effects at 0.0db gain, they make my sound louder? First off, how would I stop this from happening? I assume that I may need all the buses running quieter than the vocal track, although this would mean the effects of my vocal processes (EQ, Comp, Gates, De-Esser, Autopitch) would not have as much as an effect (is this true?). Second, I have an ideal order for my processes, but do not know how I can efficiently chain them, and in fact I have no clue how to chain outside of my own theories. In my type of mixing, I aim to have at least 2 EQ's, 2 compressors, a single gate, one de-esser, one vocal tuner, a reverb and a delay. All this begins with a volume automation to get my vocals not to be extra loud on certain words, and make the compressor's jobs easier, testing this yielded great results, HOWEVER, would it be more efficient to have the automation last as part of my dithering chain (mastering stage)?
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