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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

Originally Posted by xrekcor View Post
I spent a considerable amount of time researching DAW’s including Studio One, I thought it was a real step backwards and reminded me of Cubasis on my iPad. It will be a while before it comes close to what PT is now and by then PT would have moved on.
My experience was quite the opposite. I've been demoing S1 4.5 for about a week now and I haven't once found anything that made me want to open Pro Tools again. They even have a setting that enables all of the Pro Tools shortcuts to work in S1!

I really like the routing and plugin browser. I'm liking the workflow better I think.

The big things for me is no I/O limit and the monitoring latency is soo much better. I've done some recording just monitoring thru the software and it works really well. Reminds me of my old TDM system.

All this and no heavy handed marketing. I'm probably going to do the crossgrade instead of reupping my PT support plan.
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