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Default want to create a custom KB shortcut for scroll on/off, macro keyboard?

Hi, PT is world's only daw (true) without a hotkey to disable page scrolling and vice versa, but even worse, it can not be done during playback (again unlike all other DAWs in existence).

In Mac, i created a shortcut to enable, powerclaw spacebar, very easily, then powerclaw N to disable it. Yes, playback has to be stopped, but it's SO much faster than navigating to the menu every time.. and i do it *alot*.

Apparently there are some gurus here with making windows shortcuts..

Now, i have investigated the app that can do it and i just can't understand it. I am trying to learn it before my new windows machine arrives...

I just honestly do not get it. I will admit I am completely dumb on this matter..

Is there any chance someone could walk me through creating that shortcut when my win machine comes? It's due in a week, which is why I am trying to set up something now, to give advance notice.

I am absolutely happy to pay for your time.your normal studio rate for whatever time we spend... and once i have learned, at least I will understand how to create further ones. Skype is fine, or whatsapp.

I am also buying a gaming keyboard as i wanted something with illumination where i can pick the colour myself, and it has a whole bunch of extra keys for "macros".

Does anyone know (why i haven't chosen one yet), if any of these keyboard macro keys can be programmed to access certain menu functions of a specific app?

Thanks so much in advance!
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