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Default Re: Why aren't hardware devs taking AAX seriously?

Originally Posted by Sardi View Post
NP. No offence taken.

You're obviously passionate about the issue and justifiably so. Hopefully some of them come to the party soon.

I indeed am passionate about it... all of that passion comes from the fact of how much I love PT, truly. It was like, "where have you been all my life".. It's the closest I have ever been to DAW nirvana, ever.
With every other DAW i pick them apart with wishes.. with PT i literally have put my entire wish list into something this simple:

- a few more midi editing features like select all notes of equal pitch, eual subdivision etc like logic and cubase, and keyboard shortcuts when resizing to equalize velocities and length of selected notes.

- Integrated melodyne style pitch

- Track folders.

- Double the length of ADC and sidechain ADC...

that's it! anything else Avid think of would only be a surprise.. like their brilliant interpretation of offline bounce in place/commit/freeze..

BUT.. because of pro tools neat GUI, melodyne working perfectly as a plugin in it, and the PDC being long enough for most my projects.. none of these are actually deal breakers. If i had to pick, i'd choose folder and pitch and then leave every other aspect of PT the same for eternity, and i'd be happy. Just bug fixes would be good, as i've uncovered some serious bugs the last couple weeks myself.. but it's still way more stable than DP/Logic.

So yeah i get annoyed I guess, as you have said, that people refuse to give it a chance or even flat out rip us a new one just for *being* PT users!.. to me they are the alien ones.. They bitch about 128 audio tracks limitation, yeah, like they need more than that for their EDM LOL! They bitch about price yet 99 a year works out cheaper than *most* other DAWS with a few exceptions.. They bitch about the midi, one guy ripped me apart and told me he hated it cause notes couldn't be glued, or split, and i showed him a video a minute later of how easy it was to do just that and i got abused for my troubles even more LOL.. so they bitch about it without even knowing how to use it and what a great DAW it is..

but besides all that.. the only thing that makes sense, why roland for example would completely ignore AAX, is that for some reason they don't think their dev time would pay off in sales. I beg to differ.

It also makes me wonder.. DO people literally specifically NOT buy pro tools, because of lack of these sort of aax plugins? Hardware synth users in particular? Food for thought.
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